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Voy a poner las cosas que debo ver y hacer este verano o estos años e irlas tachando conforme ya lo haya hecho. También ire añadiendo =)

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Me after rant

I feel better. Over it? No but maybe strong enough to put it aside. Life has more important stuff to me to worry about. I know I should consider my feelings to be important and they are but sometimes, most of the times, I don't. I usually don't consider this to be important but I know I kinda neglect myself and I also don't consider me to be as important as the rest. I've been told so. I know it's true.

I don't want to rant. I'm better. Maybe not okay but under control. My kind of control which I know it's wrong.

I'm wrong.

I went to get my hair done. And my nails. Feel pretty a little. Have good friends. Feel tired. Have other important issues to worry about. I'm not important. I should change that.

I'll try. 🤗


Feeling cranky af

So, long time no post.
Small rant.
There was no water at home. I couldn't bathe properly. I'm in those days. I'm going to work since I owe days. For most people today is holiday. Gained weight. Told my dad to check water and he refused. Got in an argument with him. Left angry. My nose is itching. My eye is twitching. Missing my youtubers. Missing my JE. Missing anime. Listening to loud music to calm me down. Seems to be working.

Waaaah 😑

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Youtubers in my life

Damn! Everyday since that day that one of my smap comm showed one youtuber (PDR) reaction to all the SMAP drama I just can't stop seeing them. Now I'm more on yt, twitter, inst and snapchat than ever. I love all those guys so much that I have neglected SMAP and Arashi and that's bad. Now that vacations are going to be over and work is taking place I don't know what I'm going to do 😐

I'm not going to quit yt... just need to reorganize my life. Love all my youtubers 😍❤💙💚💛💜
Love SMAP and Arashi as well 😚🙆.

Me know watching 2 hours of jacksepticeye, pewdiepie, markiplier, cinnamontoastken and cryaotic 😍😚
I have to keep watching them.

Ja ne! 😉

¡Oh oh! Felices fiestas patrias Peru! 😙

Life <3

So it's been a while since I last posted in here! I've been dead busy with work and "study" that I haven't visited my lj in quite a while, less update my journal :(

The last time I updated it was something Luis-related but now I'm tired of that. No, we are still together (if you could say that) but it's hard being together while he's away... meaning he stayed right where we were working and I came back home since I missed my life so much! Being near tech again, eating whatever I want (and I gained so much weight D: bad idea it was)

So I should be studying non stop to achieve my major dream... I guess it's my dream to be fully specialized in whatever thing I choose but I really don't want to study. I have to study but I don't want to. I should be ashamed of myself but I'm not!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. I'm at work now and writting too much about real life may make me sad, so let's keep hyped up! I'm so happy that I still have my lj account and that I have thousand of mails to read! D:

Hi again, Livejournal! :D

update at last!

It's been so long since I last update and I'm so happy to at least have seen one of the many movies I want to see today! And it was Ooku! Eventhough I didn't like much the subject it turned out to be an awesome movie! And Nino was as hot as ever. Lovely performance!
Now, what's next? BokuImo or maybe a jdrama or taiga or kdrama?

Let's hope something good!!!!

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Finally a mobile version!

Since I don't have my fancy internet connection I had back home I was missing my lj and my updates and lovely comms. Maybe next time I can get a lovely internet connection here in the jungle, who knows...
Now, I'm waiting for tomorrow so I can see my hubby soon enough :)
Fandon speaking, I miss seeing arashi and smap and all the other fandoms... I NEED A BETTER INTERNET CONNECTION ASAP!
That's all ^-^

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Makit's back for a little while... Since I'm working in the Jungle (sounds so daring, like meeting Tarzan and everything :P) having a great time, dealing with unhappy people now and then and sometimes seeing my jdramas since there are no patients left :D
Right now I'm waiting to print some stuff I've been asked to deliver here in Bagua Grande :P
At least, I took some time off to see my boyfriend for 2 days and even if we weren't alone (he came with his cousins) but at least we had a great time and got to talk about some issues.
Everything is fine in Makito's wonderland =D
I wonder if I can catch Johnny Deep as the Mad Hatter *-*

Well, since there's nothing much left to say, I have to continue surfing in my lj and seeing what I want but can't have just yet... sad =(

Bye, and happy Bday Verito! =D
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Ha, life has changed since I've been gone
Like, now I'm working in the jungle still, but not in the same place as before
Right now I'm in the next place.  I still have my boyfriend/husband (weird relationship we have but lovely!) with me, although now I only have him like 4 days a month. It's hard to work apart but if we manage to get over this year I think (and hope) we are meant to be, right? Hope mom agrees with that...

Now.. with MU gone I'm so unhappy!
I don't have internet all the time like I used to have, so I haven't dl a lot of stuff in a while and now my lists are doomed XD
Since MU aint' here anymore, those links aren't as well... so hearbreaking news =(

I need a new list but only a little one since I don't have much time to be in internet. Well, I can, but I'm hungry and it's really hot in here! D:

Next post then! =D
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hi there!!!!

Well, it's been a while!
Right now I'm busy working here, in the jungle, Amazonas, working as a doctor for a whole year and I'm having such a great time! :D
I may not have water not electricity but still, it's great. Like going and doing the laundry in the river was fun but not too clean, so we have another place for that and since it's so damn hot in here, showering with cold water is a delight *-*
What else is new... well, I have tried different kind of food and I've been eaten by those darn mosquitos but it's manageable, I guess.
But I miss my online days when I can chat freely and fan about arashi and JE
I don't have electricity for that =(
But I will, and I will have a laptop and I will be seeing doramas and movies and SP and be as crazy as a fan can be :D

Well, enough with the rant, I want to check my e-mail. Ja ne...